Devs Sourcing Devs (Recruiting)

“something scarce: talent sourced by talent”

Strive Nine provides something scarce in our industry: talent sourced by talent. They were able to bring in junior-, mid-, and senior-level developers who hit the ground running with a strong grasp of enterprise best practices, production-grade code, and awesome developers to get to work with. When StriveNine brings me a candidate, I already know the level of rigor and high standards to expect, a real known quantity in an uncertain talent market.”

Jason Melo – Hiring Manager

“one of the best people I’ve ever worked under!”

“Cory is one of the best people I’ve ever worked under! He is able to encourage and motivate his employees in the most professional yet sincere way, which is hard to find in this industry. Not only is he a great mentor, he has a keen eye for robust designs, and he always seems to have creative solutions to problems up his sleeves. I don’t know how he does it….”

Daniel Kim – Developer

“leads by example and raises the bar”

“Cory brings architecture, design, and implementation ability to getting things done. He actually understands micro-services and how to build working systems using them. He understands how to weave Node.js and large-scale open-source technologies effectively. He leads by example and raises the bar for the entire team, increasing velocity, generating excitement, and getting stuff done.”

Steve Bagby, Technology Expert

StriveNine provides a staffing service centered around Javascript programming. Who better to evaluate the aptitude of developers than other developers?

Our founding engineer, Cory Parrish, is a seasoned Javascript programmer and application architect. He’s also an expert Node JS developer with years of experience developing Javascript applications on AWS. But what sets him apart as a talent recruiter is his years of experience a development lead and manager, giving him the ability to evaluate not just raw engineering talent but cultural and team fit.

Cory has built a deep bench of contract Javascript developers, many of whom have collaborated as teams in past engagements.

That’s what makes StriveNine unique as a talent source: we provide Javascript engineering teams, not just lone developers. By building teams, we help enterprises quickly move to the cloud.

Types of Javascript programmers we provide

  • All experience levels: junior, mid and senior
  • Angular and Angular2 specialists
  • React specialists
  • Hybrid Javascript and backend developers