About Strivenine

StriveNine is the company for your AWS Cloud Native & Serverless software engineering needs. We work with companies on long term engagements to provide fixed-price software development, staff augmentation, and recruitment services. We are working on some interesting problems with our customers, and we would love to hear more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

My name is Cory Parrish, and I started StriveNine in 2014 for three primary purposes.

First, after working alongside many software engineering companies and seeing the results, I knew that my teams could do better. Too often, these engineers would come on to our projects and break the build, cause regressions, and build services that were not maintainable, were poorly tested, and lacked even basic documentation. These issues would slow down velocity and make it difficult to add new features to services. At StriveNine, we know services can be built better because we have a proven track record of doing so. For us, the job isn’t complete until we can programmatically show to you that all of your business requirements are satisfied. Following Behavior Driven Development, we build documentation directly into our test suites, making refactoring and extending your code a worry-free process. Ask us the best way to test your Microservices!!
The second reason I started StriveNine was to revolutionize the hiring and retention practices of software engineers. At StriveNine, we take a different approach to recruitment. We have an extremely high standard for the developers that we hire at our company. What we don’t believe, though, is that someone is a bad fit because that person doesn’t know an answer to some question or, even worse, a riddle. Instead, we are open about our hiring practices. We tell developers the knowledge and the skills they need to have if they want to be StriveNine software engineers. Instead of disregarding the potential of people, we mentor, teach, and foster knowledge in the core programming principles that are crucial to our success. That is the culture here at StriveNine: mentorship and a desire to be great at everything we do.

Next, have you ever wondered why developers stay at a company on average for two years and then move on? It is quite simple, really. There is a corporation quite literally down the street that will provide new and exciting challenges, provide better benefits, and pay them more. At StriveNine, we don’t invest in recruiting; we invest in our employees.

We provide health care that is 100% paid for by the company, automatically vested 401k contributions, and groundbreaking methodology for retention that we call StriveNine Employee Free Agency. You are going to love the concept of Free Agency! Ask us about it today, and we’ll gladly explain how we treat our employees better at StriveNine.