StriveNine (S9) Free Agency – The Retention Practice Of The Future

After almost a decade of writing code and working in a professional setting, you will begin to see patterns. Not only in your code but in the behavior of the people around you. One of these patterns is the worst kept secret among developers. What am I talking about?

“The Two Year Jump”

StriveNine Core Javascript Course

S9 prides itself on its forward thinking and innovative interviewing and hiring practices. We don’t say no to candidates, we say not yet. In order to be a successful developer at S9, you need to have a certain set of knowledge. It doesn’t really matter when you acquire this knowledge, but you must know it well before being considered to join S9. While knowledge is just one part of the puzzle to be a successful S9 developer, it is an important piece.

This course describes the core set of knowledge that is necessary to have success at S9. You experience level doesn’t matter, you must know all of this well! If you want to get through the interview process at S9 with little difficulty, study this course first!

Are These Bad Interviewing Practices Costing You Millions?

Have you ever wondered what the ideal interview process would actually look like from a developers point of view? After interviewing hundreds of candidates I have come up with a list of the top 9 mistakes companies make when interviewing software developers. If you finish this article and find yourself asking , “What is the ideal way to interview developers?” Well, you’re in luck. At StriveNine, we are #DevsSourcingDevs and we have a proven interviewing system that can work for you too!